New Generation Welding Procedure Software

Universal solution for:

  • On-Line Education
  • Distant Surveilance
  • Smart Production
  • Supply Chain Management
WPS designation

Unique algorithm allows you to select and designate appropriate WPS on the project by simply comparing welding symbol on the drawing with the one that the software offers.

Workforce selection

Software controls the competence of the staff members and prevents the assignment of incompetent welders to the project from happening.

Documentation gathering

Software automatically generates welding plans and lists of welders and joins them with all the appropriate WPS'es, WPQR's and welders' certificates in just a couple of clicks.

Certificates management

Convenient system monitors the validity of welders' certificates, notifies you when it is time to to confirm and renew them and helps you to perform this.

This is how it works:

Analysis of WPQ based on welding processes, materials and weld joints

Operational monitoring of WPSes based on their vizualization

Registration of technical documentation providing tracebility up to drawing

Checking the availability of qualified welding personnal for selected specification

Control of qualification and welders assignment

Welding documentation gathering

Archiving of welding documentation

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